Donna McBride's campaign for Casa Grande City Council has been gaining tremendous support from people of all walks of life include teachers, business owners, parents, youth, retirees, public servants and the list goes on.  

Donna is committed to enhancing the quality of life for everyone in Casa Grande, supporting competitive workforce strategies and responsible growth, and ensuring infrastructure and amenities support the needs of our community. This means that she not only needs you support in the form of a vote, but also wants to hear what issues are important to you. 

Connect with Donna to let her know what matters to you!

Check out some of Donna McBride's supporters below:
Sami Abbott

Larry Abbott

Michelle Anderson

Debra Aguero

Lori Bartsch

David Blatt

Jo-ann Blatt

Rudy Benitez 

David Blatt

Andrew Boland

Breanna Boland

Kendra Bray

Curtis Brown

Maxine Brown

Mike Burke

Pam Burke

Wayne Cashman

Douglas Coleman

Stephanie Collier

Chaunee DeLuca

Dino “DJ” DeLuca, Jr.

Linda DeVore

Charlotte Dixon

Jim Dinkle

Travis Duran, Jr.

Greta Edwards

Roy Edwards

Kathleen “Tess” Elliott

Anesia Estrada

Anita Estrada

Cecilia Estrada

Cynthia Estrada

Richard Estrada

Sophia Estrada

Edward Farrell

Lisa Flores

Ken Ferguson

Michelle Ferguson

Melissa Yost Fuentes

Harry Grizzle

Tonya Grizzle

Debreaunt Haskin

Rachel Hernandez

Kelly Herrington

Krystal Hinz

Tom Hollenbach

Sinoloa “Tina” Hudson

Linda Irvin

Judee Jackson

Darla Johnson & family

Joseph Lopez

Debbie Limon Martinez

Rufuijo Guerra Martinez

Jereme McBride

Justin McBride

Mikel McBride

Mildred McBride

Craig H. McFarland

Jerald Monahan

Shelly Monahan

Kathy Narney

Steve Narney

Shannon Ortiz

Karl Peterson

Garrett Powell 

Kimberly Powell

Caren Rausis

Rod Reasner

Jim Rhodes

Janeen Rohovit

Cindy Schaider

Steve Schaider

Donna Seaman

Keith Seaman

Stacey Seaman

Ashley Sikrecki

Steve Sikrecki

Sandie Smith

Eilene Sprague

Ella Steele

Julia Tena

Roger Vanderpool

Valerie Vanderpool

Rosie Voights

Jennie Lee Voyce

Jonathan Voyce

Ken Waddill

Chuck Wright

Connie Wright

Brian Wilcox

Janet Woolfitt

Joe Youcupicio

Nicole Youcupicio

Kathy Zak

Ray Zak


Andy Sanders
06/19/2016 6:21am

I support Donna

01/14/2017 2:28am

Donna is so inspiring. To think that she has a very tight commitment to help her community. Not many people have the guts to do what she does. I admire her tenacity on enhancing the quality of life for her community. So many people have supported her and I know that many more will support her. Even I support her cause.

08/30/2016 10:10am

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