Making an informed decision at the ballot box can feel like a daunting task, especially when considering the number of candidates running for office this year. Casa Grande resident, Martin Diano, tells the Casa Grande Dispatch: 

"I’m fortunate this election cycle. My decision for whom to vote is an easy one. There’s a candidate among the 10 that numerous local leaders have personally advised me they are supporting and urged that I do the same. But, to be clear, that’s least among the reasons why I am supporting one particular candidate this year. Enter Donna McBride. From her work on the Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism to the Casa Grande Elementary School Capital Improvement Committee to the Casa Grande Alliance (against drugs), to name just a few, Donna embodies what it means to be an effective and devoted public servant." (VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE HERE)

Donna McBride is the candidate for Casa Grande City Council who is the clear choice. Learn more about her as well as what local leaders are saying about her at DonnaMcBride.com.



08/24/2016 1:06am

I'm sure Donna Mcbride would make a good city councilor. I am never interested in politics or in any council. But when I see that a leader is trying her best to make an impact and trying their best to help other people, that's when I try to get to know the leader. Being a leader is hard, especially for people who run as candidates. There is always hope, some people still have that soft heart and are really dedicated on making a change. I hope that you are that person.

09/05/2016 3:24am

I am sure she is a great person. I will read this article. Thanks for this post.

11/20/2016 7:47pm

There are a lot of things to actually consider when it comes to selecting a candidate for the elections. Their platforms must be considered as well. Voters must know what are the candidates' plans on making the community better and safer for all who lived in the area. Let's hope that everyone makes the right choice.

02/17/2017 1:14am

Elections present voters with important choices. Decide what you are looking for in a candidate. An election is a formal decision-making process. While voting method consist of the set of rules which must followed for a vote to be considered valid. You better think twice before you vote.

03/13/2017 11:05pm

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03/25/2017 4:49pm

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