"Casa Grande is having its first City Council election in the fall cycle this year after a state law mandated a move from spring. Council elections in recent years have not drawn a large number of candidates. This year is different, however, with 10 residents running for three seats, including the three..."

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09/06/2016 8:27pm

I am happy that this is happening, that there will be a change and those change is coming. I am shocked about the recession and I know that this will be aided in time, I will share this to my friends and I am sure that they will be happy as well.

01/14/2017 2:40am

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Wow, I didn't see this coming. I never thought Casa Grande will endorse Donna McBride. I was hoping that they would be neutral in political issues. This will affect them positively or negatively, thought taking a side will immediately affect the thinking of anti Donna. I still wish them all the best, I will stay neutral and wish that the other organization or company will stay neutral.

02/20/2017 6:31am

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