By: Donna McBride

There was never a question of whether I should register to vote or not - it was just the right thing to do when I turned 18 years old.  I realize that was a long time ago when politics was very different.  But the foundation is still the same. It is our constitutional right. And yes, an obligation.

Maybe you haven't registered because you think that's the easiest way to avoid politics. Avoiding politics just isn't possible because decisions  will be made with or without you.  You still have to pay taxes even if you don't vote. Elected officials make decisions about which streets to fix, trash and sewer fees or community centers being built. Your input is valuable to them as they make those decision.

By voting, you can make the system better. It may never be perfect, but improving the system is possible. Elected officials need you. 

Come August 30th, candidates will need you, especially those of us running for local positions like city council.  I'm not afraid to admit it,  I need you. One vote, one opinion. You matter.

(August 30th election deadline is August 1st)



10/29/2016 12:08am

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02/28/2017 7:04am

Voting is our right as a citizen of our nation. It is our right to choose who will govern, protect and serve us. It is a right that everyone has and needs to do, an obligation. It is our obligation to help for the betterment of all, and voting is one way to do so. It is our obligation to secure the future of our children, another factor for us to vote. You think that not voting will make your life at ease but I will tell you, voting or not, all will be affected with the result of the election. So you have to choose either to be part of the effect or be affected for doing nothing.

01/13/2017 7:38am

I wish I could help you with this election. I am sure that you are a great person.

03/13/2017 11:04pm

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04/11/2017 2:39pm

You should choose wisely. Your vote would be decisive for the America's future.

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