"Casa Grande is having its first City Council election in the fall cycle this year after a state law mandated a move from spring. Council elections in recent years have not drawn a large number of candidates. This year is different, however, with 10 residents running for three seats, including the three..."

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Excerpt from the Casa Grande Dispatch
Letter to the Editor: Breanna Boland

"I fully support Donna for City Council because she is a dedicated individual who is passionate about the community we live in. Donna cares about people and she values everyone as an individual.

Donna brings experience, energy, positivity and solutions to the table. Those attributes, along with her drive to get things done, is why she is the perfect candidate for City Council. "


By: Donna McBride

There was never a question of whether I should register to vote or not - it was just the right thing to do when I turned 18 years old.  I realize that was a long time ago when politics was very different.  But the foundation is still the same. It is our constitutional right. And yes, an obligation.

Maybe you haven't registered because you think that's the easiest way to avoid politics. Avoiding politics just isn't possible because decisions  will be made with or without you.  You still have to pay taxes even if you don't vote. Elected officials make decisions about which streets to fix, trash and sewer fees or community centers being built. Your input is valuable to them as they make those decision.

By voting, you can make the system better. It may never be perfect, but improving the system is possible. Elected officials need you. 

Come August 30th, candidates will need you, especially those of us running for local positions like city council.  I'm not afraid to admit it,  I need you. One vote, one opinion. You matter.

(August 30th election deadline is August 1st)

The following excerpt was taken from the Casa Grande Dispatch.  Find the full article here.

"The council is tasked to be fiscally responsible. That being said, the council must be fair to both its employees and the taxpayers. I believe those who work daily to provide our community with quality customer service is also a good investment." 

-Donna McBride

Making an informed decision at the ballot box can feel like a daunting task, especially when considering the number of candidates running for office this year. Casa Grande resident, Martin Diano, tells the Casa Grande Dispatch: 

"I’m fortunate this election cycle. My decision for whom to vote is an easy one. There’s a candidate among the 10 that numerous local leaders have personally advised me they are supporting and urged that I do the same. But, to be clear, that’s least among the reasons why I am supporting one particular candidate this year. Enter Donna McBride. From her work on the Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism to the Casa Grande Elementary School Capital Improvement Committee to the Casa Grande Alliance (against drugs), to name just a few, Donna embodies what it means to be an effective and devoted public servant." (VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE HERE)

Donna McBride is the candidate for Casa Grande City Council who is the clear choice. Learn more about her as well as what local leaders are saying about her at DonnaMcBride.com.

Excerpt from The Casa Grande Dispatch:

"Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

There are currently three seats up for re-election on the Casa Grande City Council. A fresh new candidate, Donna McBride, has entered the race. I would like to tell you a few things about her that make her an outstanding candidate for City Council.

Donna is no stranger to public service. She has already served in over a dozen volunteer and leadership roles in our community. She has served as chair of the Casa Grande Alliance drug prevention coalition and is now on the Board of Directors. She previously served as chair of both the Casa Grande Police Advisory Board and the..."


Donna McBride's campaign for Casa Grande City Council has been gaining tremendous support from people of all walks of life include teachers, business owners, parents, youth, retirees, public servants and the list goes on.  

Donna is committed to enhancing the quality of life for everyone in Casa Grande, supporting competitive workforce strategies and responsible growth, and ensuring infrastructure and amenities support the needs of our community. This means that she not only needs you support in the form of a vote, but also wants to hear what issues are important to you. 

Connect with Donna to let her know what matters to you!

Check out some of Donna McBride's supporters below:
Sami Abbott

Larry Abbott

Michelle Anderson

Debra Aguero

Lori Bartsch

David Blatt

Jo-ann Blatt

Rudy Benitez 

David Blatt

Andrew Boland

Breanna Boland

Kendra Bray

Curtis Brown

Maxine Brown

Mike Burke

Pam Burke

Wayne Cashman

Douglas Coleman

Stephanie Collier

Chaunee DeLuca

Dino “DJ” DeLuca, Jr.

Linda DeVore

Charlotte Dixon

Jim Dinkle

Travis Duran, Jr.

Greta Edwards

Roy Edwards

Kathleen “Tess” Elliott

Anesia Estrada

Anita Estrada

Cecilia Estrada

Cynthia Estrada

Richard Estrada

Sophia Estrada

Edward Farrell

Lisa Flores

Ken Ferguson

Michelle Ferguson

Melissa Yost Fuentes

Harry Grizzle

Tonya Grizzle

Debreaunt Haskin

Rachel Hernandez

Kelly Herrington

Krystal Hinz

Tom Hollenbach

Sinoloa “Tina” Hudson

Linda Irvin

Judee Jackson

Darla Johnson & family

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Debbie Limon Martinez

Rufuijo Guerra Martinez

Jereme McBride

Justin McBride

Mikel McBride

Mildred McBride

Craig H. McFarland

Jerald Monahan

Shelly Monahan

Kathy Narney

Steve Narney

Shannon Ortiz

Karl Peterson

Garrett Powell 

Kimberly Powell

Caren Rausis

Rod Reasner

Jim Rhodes

Janeen Rohovit

Cindy Schaider

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Joe Youcupicio

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Kathy Zak

Ray Zak
Donna McBride Announces Bid for Casa Grande City Council

Community activist Donna McBride has formally announced her desire to serve the citizens of Casa Grande when she filed paperwork on Monday March 14th with the city clerk’s office. While this is her first attempt at public office, McBride is no stranger to public service. Her long list of activities reflects her dedication to the community.

McBride will be focusing her campaign on three areas:  Enhancing quality of life, stable community with a competitive workplace advantage, city infrastructure to support growth and financial responsibility.

Donna McBride retired from Students Against Destructive Decisions (formerly known as Students Against Drunk Driving) after serving 20 years. Upon retirement, McBride and her husband Mike returned to Casa Grande where they have lived for the past 13 years. McBride is a Program Administrator for Pinal County Juvenile Court.